Make your children’s life special by enrolling them in our St. Michael School

Admission Process at St. Michael School in Faridabad

At St. Michael School, we kindle the spark of curiosity in the already bright child that is yours is so that he/she sparkles forever in future. St. Michael School top play school in NIT Faridabad is always connected to the idea that childhood is a time for kids to prosper in the recreational skills and develop a search behavior to dwell into different streams. Our preschool platform provides an open arena for children to indulge in the recreational activities by doing things on their own.

In our playschool, we are not only providing technology-based learning but also blending the western culture with the Indian values system. This promotes the feeling of modernity along with strengthening the connection of children to their native roots. St. Michael School is the best Kindergarten school in Sainik Colony Faridabad.

Admission Process

Prospective parents may visit the school campus on open mornings and take a campus tour. They can visit the school on other days to avail admission forms.


Prospective parents can fill the registration form at the school premises.


Admission is deemed to be confirmed after necessary formalities are done and the fee is paid. For the admission to the primary level, the school grants admission on the basis of previous school report card, written test and interview.

Document Required for Admission

  • Photocopy of birth certificate of the child.(issued by the Nagar Nigam of the place of birth)
  • Two Passport size photographs of child
  • Admission form to be filled at school by parent/ guardian.

Fee Payment : Monthly fee to be paid by 10th of each calender month.
New admission children will have to wear the school uniform from the date as when informed.