To in stile life-long values that nurture humanity and impart quality education in a conductive environment to all the children at a global level. Children are the most valuable resource of the nation.


The top playgroup St. Michael School wants the children to develop in a natural environment where they can laugh, play, learn, have fun in a fruitful way. To accomplish this goal, the school is equipped with qualified teachers who are passionate about meeting the developmental and educational needs of children. The parent-teacher relationship works hand-in-hand to continuously improve the education experience for students within and beyond the classroom.

  • Give to every child, the unique entity and personalized treatment it deserves.
  • Revolutionize the education system so that children are imparted 'Education for Life'.
  • Lay and implement the understructure for the holistic development of children.
  • Give teachers the esteem and space for realizing their potential.